• Visit includes:

    A walking tour to see the villas, a look to the beach.

  • Facilities:

    depending on the itinerary, there is the possibility to use different means of transport.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    Malamocco district, the ancient historical centre; full-day tour Lido – Pellestrina; a break in one of the most beautiful villa for an aperitif; bike tour.

  • Duration:

    3 hours


Walking tour in Chioggia

A “little Venice” in the South of the lagoon, a town of fishermen, a lively and beautiful place for an unsual tour.

The fish market, the Duomo, the church of S. Domenico and the lagoon all aroung: art, culture, traditions and food are the topics of this tour.

For archaeology and anthropology lovers there is the Museum of the Southern Lagoon with all its ancient pieces and interesting documents.


The town of Chioggia is characteristic for its urban development. Three long canals divide the island which are also cut by parallel narrow alleyways and joined by bridges.

It’s one of the oldest centre of the lagoon, deputed, since ancient time, to the fishing and salt activity.

Its dialect differs from Venetian. Carlo Goldoni, the most famous Venetian playwright of the 18th century, set one of his most famous comedy in Chioggia, giving words to the genuine population of the past.

The fish market

Visiting Chioggia in the morning means a stop in the famous fish market. An exploration to see the typical fish of the Adriatic, and to learn the typical recipes that can be tasted later in the small trattorie (restaurant) of the town.

Chuch of S. Domenico

One of the most beautiful architecture in Chioggia is the church of S. Domenico. It stands on a separate island, joined by a bridge.

Inside, a touching Crucifix of the 14th century and a painting by Vittore Carpaccio, one of the most famous painter of the 15th c.

Tailor made tour available

An half-day tour is sufficient to see the small town of Chioggia. Why don’t add a visit to a Villa or a stroll in Padua?

Different solutions can be arranged, as well as the means of transport.

From Chioggia it’s also possible to take the boat and to navigate in the Venetian lagoon. A stop in Pellestrina or Malamocco can be organized.