• Visit includes:

    The Grand Canal, St. Mark’s basin, Rialto bridge.

  • Facilities:

    luxury private water taxi.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a stop in St. George’s island for the view from the bell-tower.

  • Duration:

    1-2 hours.


The Tour

It’s a breathtaking and complete overview of the city comfortably seated in a luxury water taxi.

Whilst cruising the Grand Canal great attention will be spent to the explanation of the marvelous palaces.

The water taxi will take us also through the narrow canals, in order to see some quaint and fascinating areas.

The Grand Canal

2,5 miles long, backwards “S” shaped, the Grand Canal is known as “the most beautiful street in the world”. A waterway daily run by several different boats, it cuts the city into two big areas.

Along it, the most important palaces of the Venetian nobility show their endless beauty: Byzantine, Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical great architecture on display, playing with the vibrant water effects.

St. Mark’s Basin

Ancient port of Venice, the large basin gives access to different waterways: the Grand Canal, the Giudecca Canal and the way to the open sea. Animated by big and small motorboats, gondolas and ships, is one of the greatest spot from where admire the highlights of Venice. Like in a theatrical scenery, the monuments are on display all around it: St. Mark’s square, St. George’s island, La Salute church.

Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge has been the only bridge which spanned the Grand Canal until the 19th c.

Built originally in wood, then rebuilt in stone at the end of the 16th c., it presents two rows of shops, and it leads to the lively market held every morning.

Tailor Made Tours Available

One or more stops can be arranged during the tour, in particular St. George’s island could be a great opportunity to see the city from its bell-tower (by elevator), or Santa Maria della Salute church for a quick visit.

The area of the Arsenal, the Campo del Ghetto Nuovo, the Madonna dell’Orto church, are among the many possible suggestions for a quick stop and visit.