• Visit includes:

    A walking tour to see the villas, a look to the beach.

  • Facilities:

    depending on the itinerary, there is the possibility to use different means of transport.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    Malamocco district, the ancient historical centre; full-day tour Lido – Pellestrina; a break in one of the most beautiful villa for an aperitif; bike tour.

  • Duration:

    3 hours


The Lido of Venice

Although part of Venice, the Lido is a different world! A long sandbar with different landscapes, soft, thin sand and colored huts, is still the beach of the Venetians and the place where annually the Venice Film Festival is held.

Its centre is characterized by elegant and extravagant villas built at the beginning of the 20th c., in Art Nouveau style.

Lido offers many itineraries which can be done on foot, by bus or car and by bike.

The Lido

7 miles long, the Lido has the lagoon on one side and the Adriatic sea on the other.

It’s the beach of the Venetian, and in summertime it becomes a lively place while in winter can offer the opportunity of quiet walks.

The peak is at the end of August when the Venice Film Festival is held and for ten days the Lido is attended by movie stars, art directors and celebrities.

Lido can be divide in different parts, each one with its characteristics: from the wildness of the nature in S. Nicolò, to the glamorous Art Nouveau villas and hotels to the small historical centre of Malamocco.

The beach

Imagine to walk bare feet in a soft sweep of sand, in front of a calm sea with a multitude of shells at the water edge. This is the Lido beach where is possible to go and relax after a walking tour in the island.

Hundreds of small huts characterized the different beach resorts where the families can enjoy their free time.

Art Nouveau villas

The centre of the island presents a group of villas erected at the beginning of the 20th c., when Lido became famous for its beach. Extravagant, asymmetrical and elegant: a mixture of elements taken from the decorative arts but also from the old Venetian architecture.

In the same period big hotel were built too, such as the Des Bains, chosen by Thomas Mann to set his novel Death in Venice.

Tailor made tour available

One of the best way to visit Lido is to rent a bike and ride from North to South, from the beach of St. Nicolò to Malamocco and another big beach, Alberoni.

A beautiful walk can reveal the best Villas built at the beginning of the 20th c. and an aperitif or a gelato can be taken along the way.

Cars and buses are allowed on Lido and can be used for a longer itinerary, as well as to continue with the visit of Pellestrina, another sandbar in the South. There, the ancient atmosphere of a fisherman village and the genuine environment offer an unforgettable trip.