• Visit includes:

    Murano, Burano and Torcello.

  • Facilities:

    private water taxi or pre-purchased tickets for public waterbus.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a break in a local and quiet restaurant. A visit to the Glass Museum in Murano.

  • Duration:

    4-6 hours.


The Tour

Explore the Northern lagoon and its fascinating islands with this tour.
Murano, worldwide famous for the glass blowing activity. Here a demonstration will be arranged.
Burano with its delicate laces, lively colorful houses and small shops.
Torcello and the stunning mosaics of St. Maria Assunta Cathedral.


It’s a little Venice, a bunch of islands crossed by canals and connected by bridges.

All glassmaking activity was moved here in 1295 and the production is, today, still active.

Murano offers quite different and interesting possibilities: seeing the majesty of the glass blower in action, wondering in the amazing shops or visiting the Glass Museum and S. Donato church.


Tiny island famous for its colorful houses, a walk in Burano is a very enjoyable experience.

During the 16th c. the Republic of Venice set up here the lacemaking activity, which was carried out by hundreds of women.

Today, only a few ladies are still continuing this fascinating art, some of them can be seen at work in the lace shops.

Shopping or just wondering around tasting a typical “bussolà” from the pastry shops, the island will reveal nice hidden corners a lively atmosphere.


It’s the island of the origins of Venice, with archaeological finds, the ruins of the Baptistry and the amazing Romanesque cathedral, Santa Maria Assunta, preciously decorated by stunning mosaics.

The bell-tower offers a fascinanting view on the lagoon landscape and peculiarities.

Tailor Made Tours Available

If you are particularly interested in glass, a visit to the Glass Museum can be arranged. There, from the first testimonies of the glass production under the Roman Empire, to the contemporary art, the itinerary follows the virtuosity of the Venetian masters, able to invent and improve an extraordinary wide range of techniques.

From Burano it’s easy to reach San Francesco del Deserto island. Accessible only by private boats, it is still a Franciscan convent, open to visitors at certain hours.