• Visit includes:

    Redentore church

  • Facilities:


  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a visit to St. George island: an aperitif on the roof top of the Mulino Stucky.


  • Duration:

    3 hours


The Tour

Stretching alongside St. Mark’s basin and a wide canal with the same name, the island called Giudecca is a place all to discover.

The Redentore church marks the long profile of the island with its big dome and classical façade. Built by the architect Andrea Palladio, it is an architecture of great harmony and classicity. The interior is rich of works of art.

A walking tour in the peaceful island, reveals old and new buildings, churches, convents and cloisters, surprising gardens, factories and industries nowadays differently reused.

Church of Redentore

The church is one of the masterpiece by Andrea Palladio who couldn’t see its work finished because he died in 1580.

Monumental and pure, it is one of the keypoint in the splendid scenery from St. Mark’s square.

A huge staircase leads to the entrance and embraces the whole facade, which has the typical motives often used by the architect: the broken tympanum, the tall columns enriched by classical capitals.

The same sense of purity is also inside, which is flooded by an intense light. The perfect proportions and the uniformity of the decorative furnishings, make this church unique in the Venetian context.

Giudecca island

Eight islands joined by bridges, the Giudecca was called in ancient time “Spinalonga” (Long Thorn) for its shape.

If it appears like a continue front of houses and buildings, the island offers a vast variety of urban spaces and great views of the city and the lagoon.

It is one of the rare place where one can see also modern architectures and new utilization of spaces and buildings.

The Feast of Redentore

When in 1576, the plague appeared again in Venice, the doge, the Senate and all Venetian, invoked Christ Redemeer to save the city. They made a vow, promising to erect a wonderful temple in order to go there every year to thank Lord to have saved the city.

While the chuch was under construction, the plague stopped and the first procession of Venetian took place in the month of July.

Today, we still celebrate this feast, on the third Sunday of July. Every year a temporary bridge is built to join the Giudecca and Dorsoduro, to allow pilgrims to reach the church crossing it.

On Saturday evening, it is traditional to celebrate with a joyful dinner onboard, waiting for the fireworks at 11 pm. St. Mark’s basin becomes full of boats, small and big, all ornate with balloons and colourful decorations.

Tailor Made Tour Available

With a couple of waterbus stops, it could be interesting to visit St. George‘s island. Again, Andrea Palladio built the huge church which preserves two important paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto.

Unmissable it is the view from the bell-tower.

For a more in-depth experience, it might be possible to arrange a private visit of the convent and cloisters, now site of a cultural foundation.

At the end of the walking tour in the Giudecca island, an aperitif at the bar on the roof top of Mulino Stucky, now luxury hotel, can be the best way to end.