• Visit includes:

    St. Servolo island

  • Facilities:

    tickets for public transportation; private opening of the museum.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    St. Lazzaro degli Armeni island


  • Duration:

    3 hours


The Tour

Ancient convent since the 9th c., military hospital in the 18th c., mental hospital until forty years ago, today the island has been restored and it offers a wonderful and peaceful place.

All this troubled history is synthetized in the interesting Psychiatric Hospital Museum, in the small church and in the old pharmacy.

The modern use of the spaces will be interesting to know followed by a walk in the park will take us in a different dimension.

St. Servolo

Faced South-East, not far from the Lido of Venice, St. Servolo is probably the best example of restoration of an island in the Venetian lagoon.

The works, carried out in the past decades, has transformed the former Hospital in multi-functional place, which now houses the Venice International University and other foundations. It’s often the site for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

The museum

Small, interesting, touching museum, it remembers the history of the medicine applied to the mental illnesses, with the different discoveries and experiments made during the 19th c.

The visit includes also the church, the pharmacy and the anatomical room.

The park

Thanks to the enlargement of the island during the 19th c., nowadays we can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful walk in the green park, with a great variety of trees and plants.

Some points offer also a stunning view on Venice and its minor islands, whose history and function will be explained.

Tailor made tour available

A good idea can be to arrange a longer tour including the visit of S. Lazzaro degli Armeni, small island owned by the Armenian community since the 18th c. and still active cultural centre.

With a private boat it might be possible to continue with the Lazzaretto Vecchio, the island which housed the victims of the terrible plague which hit Venice many time in its history.