• Visit incluedes:

    Accademia Gallery

  • Facilities:

    pick up at your accommodation; pre-purchased tickets

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a walking tour in the Dorsoduro district.

  • Duration:

    2 hours.


The Tour

Explore the biggest Venetian museum!

Armed with worksheets and pencils, tools and panels, we will discover the extraordinary richness of the Venetian paintings, travelling through centuries of art and colors.

Everyone will be involved in front of the works of art in order to decipher their symbols and allegories.

Gallerie dell’Accademia

Former convent, church and Scuola (confraternity) the Museum in a big and articulated complex, composed of three different historical buildings, still recognizable in their architecture.
The Accademia of Fine Arts, founded in 1750, was established here under the second French dominion, and the Gallery was open to the public in 1817.

Since then, the museum has collected the greatest paintings removed from Venetian churches and convents suppressed by a Napoleonic decree in 1806.
It is still the most important museum of the city, able to give to the viewers a complete overview of the Venetian painting during the life of the Serenissima Republic.
Recently added, the new wing allows also to put in light the 19th c., when all artists studied and trained in this Accademia of Fine Arts.

The Tempest by Giorgione

Enigma, mystery, beauty, colors, all enclosed in a small and captivating painting. Like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo is the most visited piece in the Louvre, same for the Tempest by Giorgione at the Accademia Gallery.

Is it just a landscape the moment before a storm? What do the figures mean and what are they doing? How was the painting read and interpreted along the centuries?

The Convito in casa Levi by Veronese

Paolo Veronese was the protagonist of an interesting and funny debate over this huge painting.

A supper for more than 50 characters, animals, odd figures, in a classical architectonical background.

The rich colours, the clear light and the harmonic composition, make this painting one of themost famous masterpieces in the collection.

Tailor Made Tours Available

After the visit of the Gallery, a relaxing walk in Dorsoduro district and a break for a “cicheto” (typical finger food), a good tramezzino or for one of the best gelato in town, could be the best way to end the tour!

If you are looking for great art books and nice souvenirs, after the tour, a relaxing walk in the district can give interesting shopping opportunities for adults and kids.