• Visit includes:

    La Fenice theatre, St. Stefano and Manin campo, St. Mark’s square

  • Facilities:

    pick up at your accommodation

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Possibility to add:

    a visit of Bovolo staircase


  • Duration:

    2-3 hours


The Tour

La Fenice is a worldwide famous opera theatre. Distroyed by a disastrous fire in 1996 and later rebuilt, it still preserves its elegance and beauty.

The visit includes the magnificent Music Hall, the Royal Box and the Sale Apollinee.

A beautiful way to discover the world of music and art in Venice and to learn historical facts about the last two centuries.

La Fenice

A mythological bird who dies throwing itself in the fire and it is born again from its ashes. What other name would be the most appropriate for a theatre with such a troubled story?
Visiting its sumptuous rooms is a travel back in the past, although the reconstruction. The neoclassical elegance, the richness of the neo-rococò style, the cleverness of the local artisans and artists are just some highlights of this visit.

The fire

In 1996 on January the 29th, during the night, the flames burnt up the theatre. It was the most devastating fire of the last century. The work of reconstruction proceeded with some troubles, which will be explained in the visit. But the result is now magnificent: “as it was, where it was” the Fenice continues to attract musicians, dancers and great performers

The Risorgimento in Venice

The 19th century has been a period of big change all over Italy, Venice included. In those long years, a sense of identity became stronger and stronger in the country, always divided in many states. The so-called independence wars, were.

Tailor Made Tours Available

This tour can be attach to a visit of St. Mark’s Basilica and square, to enrich the Venice highlights with something really unique like this theatre.

The hidden Bovolo staircase can be the right end of the tour. From its belvedere it is possible to have a nice view on the Venetian roofs, above all on the theatre. For kids is an unmissable place!