• Visit includes:

    a walking tour in Dorsoduro disctrict.

  • Facilities:

    pick-up at your accommodation; educational activities

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Possibility to add:

    a visit to Ca’ Rezzonico, a private visit to a boatyard (squero)

  • Duration:

    2-3 hours


The Tour

This is probably the first question asked by everyone once in Venice.

Venice seems a miracle of wood and stone, a floating city with wonderful architectures, a maze of alleyways without a sense, apparently.

Who were the first inhabitants? Why did they choose the lagoon? What’s underneath?

All these questions and more will find an answer during this tour, where the youngest will be involved with little games and activities.


It’s the Southern part of Venice, a peaceful district, perfect to wander around and see the urban structure and the different typologies of architectures.

Walking through narrow alleyways, seeing canals and boats in order to discover the daily life of a city built on the water!

During the tour the youngest will be involved in observing some peculiar elements and will be asked to find the solutions.

St. Trovaso squero

Hidden almost at the end of a “fondamenta” (street near a canal) is one of the boatyarda still active in the city. During the week it is possible to see the masters at work, building or repairing gondolas.

The nice houses surrounding the place look back to the artisans, who in the past, used to come from the Dolomites in the Alps.

St. Margherita campo

Big, lively, local: St Margherita is a perfect place for a relaxing break seated down in one of the numerous cafè. The word “campo” means “field”: in the past not all Venice was paved and the campo was a place in beaten earth and grass. The word is still in use, to differentiate the only “piazza”, “square”, St. Mark’s, from the other beautiful open space, like St. Margherita.

Tailor Made Tours Available

The experience can be enriched with a visit to Ca’ Rezzonico, one of the biggest palace along the Grand Canal. Once inside, it is possibile to discover the typical structure of a Venetian building, its rich furniture and many interesting artworks.

It is also possibile to arrange a visit inside a “squero”, to listen to the experience of a master and to ask in detail how the gondola is built.