• Visit includes:

    St. Sebastiano church, Carmini campo, Zattere.

  • Facilities:

    pick up at the hotel.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a coffee break in a quiet campo; a visit to a “Squero”, a typical gondola yard.

  • Duration:

    2-3 hours


The Tour

On the Southern edge of Venice, in an area far from the city centre, it is possible to discover interesting architectures and art works.

One of the best example is the Church of St. Sebastian, humble and simple outside, incredibly rich inside. Paolo Veronese, one of the best Renaissance painters, is the protagonist of the decorative cycle in here.

The story of Esther, those of the Virgin Mary and St. Sebastian, will be the themes of visionary and outstanding series of paintings.

A walk through Dorsoduro district, can reveal an interesting feature of the city from the past, to the big transformation of the last two centuries and to the next future.

S. Sebastiano church

It looks like a modest architecture from the outside, although it is a fine Renaissance building, erected at the beginning of the 16th c.

The interior suddenly reveals all its splendour. Thanks to a recent restoration, the paintings look bright than ever, and the art of Paolo Veronese is at its maximum achievement.

There is an interesting iconography, which joins the Old and the New Testment, Esther and the Virgin Mary. Great space is given also to Sebastian, one of the Saints invoked in case of  plague.

Ca’ Zenobio

During the walking tour, one of the point of interest, is indoubtly Ca’ Zenobio with its huge façade.

Home of the rich Zenobio family from the 17th c., the palace was decorated by Louis Dorigny who left its great frescoes in the magnificent ball room.

Usually closed to the public, the palace sometimes opens for temporary art exhibions, offering a chance to visit it and its garden.


A long quayside, often attended by Venetians or by students for its proximity to the University, the Zattere marks the Southern edge of the city. A stop for a gelato or for an appetizer in a local place, makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Tailor Made Tours Available

Dorsoduro offers many other venues to visit.

The unknown S. Nicolò dei Mendicoli church, the Carmini complex (Church and Scuola), the Gesuati… are among the possibilities.

Something peculiar could be the visit of a Squero, the  typical Venetian boat yard, to see the craftmen at work and to discover the fascinating way the gondola is built.

A longer walk could take us to the Accademia or to the Salute church, offering an amazing view on the city and its lagoon.