• Visit includes:

    St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs and the Prisons.

  • Facilities:

    Skip the line access and pre-purchased tickets.

  • Cost:

    All tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fees.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    St. Mark’s Museum and terrace; the Golden Altar; Secret Itineraries and other educational activities available.

  • Duration:

    2-3 hours.


The Tour

Visit the most important monuments of the city through an engaging game for kids, teens and adults!

Discover the history of the Republic of Venice, the functions of the Doge’s Palace, the great art of the 16th c. , the stunning golden mosaics of the Basilica.

The visit runs through the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica and it allows to know the most famous Venetian monuments with an entertaining and educational experience.

St. Mark’s square

Political heart of Venice since the 9th c., the square has always been the central place of all feasts and ceremonies.

As the largest square in the city, it hugely stretches from St. Mark’s Basilica to the Correr Museum with a slightly trapezoidal plan, while the smaller “piazzetta” watches St. Mark’s basin with the Doge’s Palace and the Library.

Two massive columns open the view to the stunning islands of St. George and Giudecca; they each have a statue on top: the winged lion, the symbol of St. Mark and soon of the Serenissima Republic too, and St. Theodore, the first patron saint, who fought and vanquished a dragon.

St. Mark’s Basilica

Built to house the remains of the Saint protector of the city, St. Mark’s Basilica was consecrated in 1094.

For centuries it functioned as Ducal Chapel. Nowadays it is the cathedral of Venice. Its vaults and cupolas are entirely decorated by more than 8.000 square metres of mosaics, made in different centuries: a stunning illustrated biblical poem.

The Byzantine church combines with other styles and the result is of extreme elegance and uniqueness.

Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace, stunning Gothic architecture,had absolved in the past different state functions: seat of the Venetian Government, Doge’s residence, law court, prison and archive.

From the “Museo dell’Opera”, which contains some architectural sculptures which have been replaced, the itinerary runs through politics, history, art and architecture. Once inside, the great splendor of Venice is revealed chamber by chamber, until the amazing Great Council Room, huge in size and outstanding for the paintings preserved.

Tailor Made Tours Available

It is possible to enrich the experience visiting the Basilica’s Museum, with the famous four horses taken from Costantinople and a great view from the terrace.

Inside the church, I suggest to visit the magnificent Golden Altarpiece made of enamels and precious stones. Il will be part of the game!

Booking in advance, the Secret Itineraries can be done during the tour of the Doge’s Palace, with the impressive prison cells on the ground floor, and those on top floor, famous because Giacomo Casanova was kept imprisoned and from where he escaped in a very adventurous way which can be retraced along the tour.

Find the culprit at the Palace!It is an educational activity which can be lead with the support of a booklet and the explanation of the guide. Follow the itinerary inside the Palace and find out the true murderer! Recommended age 8+