• Visit includes:

    Correr Museum

  • Facilities:

    pre-purchased tickets which give access to the Doge’s Palace too. No lines.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a quick look of Marciana library already included in the ticket. The visit of the Doge’s Palace.


  • Duration:

    2-3 hours


The Tour

A big museum like a wonderful place all to discover!

The Correr is one of the richest museum of the city, with its multiple offer of itineraries.

The tour focuses on a game with most fascinating perspective map of Venice ever realized. Armed with educational tools we will discover all its secrets and techniques.

The museum site has also a great historical importance, being the former Government House in the years of the French and Austrian dominions.

Walking down the elegant and sumptuous rooms decorated for the empress Elisabeth of Baviera, better known as “Sissi” or looking around the weird and amazing objects used by the Venetian of the past, history will be bring to life!

Correr Museum

When Teodoro Correr died, in 1830, he probably couldn’t know that his gesture would have been the origin of one of the vastest and richest museum of Italy. Followed by other great Venetian collectors, the museum is continuing to receive donations of works of art by private collectors.

With his important library and annexed services it still provide to the preservation and share of the Venetian history and art.

Jacopo de’ Barbari Venetie MD

The figure of the artist Jacopo De’ Barbari, is still an enigma, as well as the realization of this incredible and accurate map of Venice.

The Correr Museum preserves the original six wooden moulds from where the engravings were taken.

How the artist could work? Why are there heads in the map and what are they doing? These are just some questions which will be solved during the tour through games and challenges.

The Napoleonic Wing

Long and sumptuous background of St. Mark’s square, the former Royal Palace or “Napoleonic Wing” was erected at the beginning of the 19th c. It housed the French government first but it was better used by the Austrian delegates as well as by the royal couple Franz Joseph and Sissi.

The splendid rooms inside were decorated by a team of artists from the Venetian Accademy of Arts and the furniture reveals the differences styles which followed in those years.

Tailor Made Tour Available

The museum ticket includes the Doge’s Palace and the Correr Museum. It could be convenient to use all the tickets for both museums. Due to the richness of the collections, and to give the youngest the best experience, I suggest, if possible, to visit one museum per day.