• Visit includes:

    Crociferi oratory, Gesuiti church.

  • Facilities:

    pick up at the hotel. Private access to the oratory.

  • Cost:

    all tours are customized on client’s requests, so is the fee.

  • Tailor made tour available:

    a walk in the Cannaregio district or towards Castello.

  • Duration:

    2 hours.


The Tour

Located in the Northern part of the city, the outstanding church is over all famous for the Titian’s painting “St. Lawrence Martyrdom”.

Great example of Baroque architecture, where Venetian elements fuse with Roman influences, it appears with imposing strength in the simplicity of the campo around.

In this lively open space, where the children usually play, there is a humble building, an old hospice with a small oratory. This will be a real surprise for its history and for the works of art still perfectly preserved.

Gesuiti Church

Outstanding facade, it reveals a huge interior. Different from the other Venetian churches, the Gesuits impress the viewer for its sumptuous decoration made of different marbles.

Built for the Gesuits order, when they were allowed to come back to Venice at the end of the 17th c., on the place of the old church of the Crociferi, it contains some remarkable art works.

Among them the Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, masterpiece by Titian, and the Assumption of Mary by Tintoretto.

Crociferi Oratory

Coming in from the luminous campo, the room looks small and dark. A few moments later the viewer’s eyes are  cought by the splendour of the paintings suddenly appeared.

Probably the best work of Jacopo Palma ilGiovane, a Titian’s disciple and follower but influenced also by the force of Tintoretto’s paint.

The history of this place is hanged on the walls and can be seen through Palma’s work.

Gesuiti Campo and convent

Quiet in the morning, lively in the afternoon, the Campo continues to have its ancient function of gathering people. Benches and trees allow a nice repair in the hot Venetian summers.

In the campo are recognizable some elements and symbols of the Crociferi, as well as a visit to the recently renovated convent can be a nice surprise.


Tailor Made Tours Available

From the Gesuits it is easy to catch the public motorboat to Murano and the other islands, for a relaxing walk, or for another artistic visit or just for shopping.

Continuing the tour it would be possibile to visit other beautiful churches, such as S. Maria deiMiracoli or S. Giovanni e Paolo.

A break for a lunch in a quiet local restaurant or for a cicheto and a glass of wine is always possible, to combine art and cuisine, a pleasure for the eyes as well as for the taste!